Premium Rayon Woven 110gsm: Leading Manufacturer of Wholesale Rayon Fabrics

Introducing the latest addition to our extensive collection, the Company Name Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric! Crafted with utmost precision and care, this fabric exudes elegance and sophistication.

Made from premium quality rayon material, it guarantees a luxurious feel and exceptional durability. With a weight of 110gsm, it strikes the perfect balance between lightness and substance, ensuring utmost comfort without compromising on style.

Ideal for creating stunning garments and home decor items, this rayon woven fabric drapes beautifully, allowing for effortless movement and graceful flow. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for a wide range of creations, be it chic dresses, blouses, curtains, or even upholstery.

The Company Name Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric possesses a subtle sheen that adds a touch of glamour to any design. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, designer, or hobbyist, this fabric is an absolute must-have in your collection.

Experience the luxury and sophistication that our Company Name Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric brings. Elevate your creations and indulge in the finest quality materials. Shop now and unleash your creativity with Company Name!

30S Rayon Woven 110gsm Custom Print NO MOQ

Get your hands on our high-quality 30S Rayon Woven 110gsm Custom Print fabric with no minimum order quantity. As a factory, we assure top-notch products. Shop now!

30S Rayon Woven 110gsm Custom Print NO MOQ

Discover our factory-made 30S Rayon Woven 110gsm Custom Print NO MOQ product with excellent quality and design. Order now and enjoy limitless options for custom prints. Factory-direct shopping!

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Introducing our latest innovation in textile technology – the Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric. We are proud to offer this exceptional fabric that combines both comfort and style in one luxurious package. Made from premium quality rayon, this fabric is lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally soft to the touch. It provides the utmost comfort, making it ideal for a variety of applications such as clothing, home décor, and more. Whether you're designing a flowy summer dress or creating elegant drapes for your living room, our Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric is the perfect choice. One of the standout features of this fabric is its exquisite drape. It effortlessly flows and moves with your body, enhancing the overall look of any garment. This makes it ideal for creating stunning evening gowns or statement blouses that will turn heads wherever you go. With a weight of 110gsm, this fabric strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightness. It is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that your creations will last for years to come. Additionally, the fabric's breathable nature keeps you cool and comfortable, even in hot and humid weather conditions. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors and chic patterns, our Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric offers endless possibilities for your creative ventures. It is easy to care for, machine washable, and resistant to fading, ensuring that your designs will maintain their vividness and beauty over time. Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, style, and versatility with our Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric. Step into a world of endless creative possibilities and bring your vision to life with this exceptional textile.

I recently purchased the Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The fabric is of excellent quality and feels incredibly soft to the touch. The 110gsm weight is perfect for creating lightweight, flowing garments. This fabric flows beautifully and drapes elegantly, making it ideal for dresses, blouses, and skirts. The rayon material gives it a luxurious feel and adds a subtle sheen to the fabric. Additionally, it is easy to work with and sews like a dream. Overall, I highly recommend the Rayon Woven 110gsm fabric for anyone looking to create stunning and comfortable garments.

I recently purchased a rayon woven fabric with a weight of 110gsm and I am extremely satisfied with its quality. The fabric is lightweight yet durable, making it perfect for summer clothing and household decorative projects. The rayon material has a smooth texture that feels great against the skin and allows for easy draping and sewing. I was pleasantly surprised by its breathability, which keeps me cool even on hot and humid days. The 110gsm weight strikes the perfect balance between being sturdy enough to hold its shape and still maintaining a soft and flowy feel. Overall, I highly recommend this rayon woven fabric for anyone seeking a high-quality material for their sewing projects.

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